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TV Everywhere

It is hard to believe that as recently as 2012, the vast majority of consumers were not sure how they could “watch TV” across screens via tablets, PCs, phones and gaming devices.  


To remedy this surprising knowledge gap, Ellen Mellody crafted a comprehensive communications campaign for Comcast to better educate consumers and increase viewership.


With a coordinated new- and traditional-media campaign, Ellen strategically positioned Comcast to help better educate viewers about their options for watching a highly anticipated and popular televised viewing event: the 2012 London Olympic Games.


As a result of this aggressive consumer-outreach campaign, the London Games were the most-viewed event in U.S. TV history at the time. 


In fact, the 2012 Summer Olympics registered more than 219 million unique viewers stateside, tuning in across all screens, making it one of the most defining moments for the "TV Everywhere" consumer movement. 




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