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Case Studies.

It is hard to believe that as recently as 2012, the vast majority of consumers were not sure how they could “watch TV” across screens via tablets, PCs, phones and gaming devices.

The Kiplinger Report: Marijuana Legalization

It was early winter 2012 and the only vote the media and pundits had on their radar was for President of the United States, but at Kiplinger Business Forecasts, a long-trusted economic and geopolitical forecasting tool for business and investors, all elections have economic ramifications. 


Building on a water industry gathering of top experts around the globe, Ellen Mellody was charged with helping launch one of GE’s most aggressive ecomagination commitment to date, a company-wide 20% fresh water reduction by 2012.

Greece had a lot riding Olympics when it discovered it had a problem on its hands: How to show the world it was safe to visit the cradle of democracy and the keeper of ancient antiquities, including the sites of the original Games.

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