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Kenneth R. Bazinet 
Collective Consulting, Partner

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Kenneth R. Bazinet is a founding partner at Collective Consulting (C2), a strategic communications, business intelligence and public affairs firm. Ken brings decades of experience working at the highest levels of journalism, communications, business and geopolitical forecasting, offering invaluable and untouchable knowledge, skills, relationships and access to C2 clients. 


A veteran of the White House Press Corps for more than 20 years, Ken has intimately covered the last three U.S. presidents, reporting daily on nearly every pressing international and domestic issue imaginable for global wire service United Press International (UPI) and the gritty major metropolitan newspaper, the New York Daily News.


While still a credentialed member of the White House Press Corps, Ken expanded his arsenal, becoming an accomplished geopolitical and economic researcher, analyst and forecaster with Kiplinger Business Forecasts, a leading publisher of business and predicative analysis for print, online, audio, video and software platforms.


At Kiplinger, Ken tapped into his background in quantitative analysis, demographics and foreign and domestic policy to become one the top trend-spotters ahead of the news cycles, routinely pinpointing global hot spots and shifts in government, business, public policy and everyday life in the global consumer marketplace.


Prior to his time in D.C., Ken worked in local media and also ran numerous political and issues campaigns as a campaign manager and senior communications advisor to a variety of candidates running for elected office.


Ken has received awards in both journalism and political campaign management. His academic credentials include international security research in Athens ahead of the Olympics under a fellowship awarded by the Government of Greece.  He also recieved a Lyndon B. Johnson Congressional Internship Grant while serving in the House of Representatives. Ken studied journalism and political science at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst.

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